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Future exhibitions:

Auckland, 7 September  – 21 October  2018:   POLARITY HS4 at Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland (during Auckland Art Week)

Porirua, 14 September– 14 October 2018:   JEWELdisplayJEWEL,   HS curated exhibition at  Pātaka Art + Museum, Toi Gallery

London, 22 -28 October 2018: TERRA IN/COGNITA – TE AO HURIHURI,  Selected HS3 and HS4collaboration with Dialogue Collective during OCEANIA 2018 at the Crypt gallery, London:

Terra in/cognita – Te Ao hurihuri

ONLINE exhibitions during 2018



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Latest exhibition activities from HS4:


 LEANINGS,  HS4 at Pah Homestead, Auckland

PROCESS, HS4 at Toi Pōneke Gallery, Wellington


coming up: 

 POLARITY, HS4 at Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland (during Auckland Art Week), 7 September  – 21 October  2018

ONLINE exhibitions, during 2018



HS Curated


Latest curated exhibition activities with selected/invited artists from current and/or former HS projects:


CHAINreaction, Atta Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, 11 January–25 February 2018

SUPER-POSITIONS, Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney, 4 – 21 April 2018


SPECIAL (includes established and emerging makers):
IWA: New Zealand Makers, The Frame galleries, Munich, 7 – 13 March 2018


Coming up:
JEWELdiplayJEWEL, Pātaka Art + Museum, Toi Gallery, Porirua, 14 September– 14 October 2018A:




HS4 EXHIBITION masterclass with Tanel Veenre (Est), February 2017

Tanel Veenre’s brief was to run a workshop about EXHIBITION development in its widest context. See below some samples:

Vivien Atkinson, Katie Pascoe, Brendon Mason collaboration exhibition based around the idea of an archaeological dig.

You entered a darkened room with a torch. You then explored the show with the works being highlighted by torch light. You had to climb through the space which was partitioned into squares using string, as happens.

Nik Hanton, Keri-Mei Zagroblena & Mandy Flood, “Museum of Incomplete Stories”   (top and detail below)

“Museum of Incomplete Stories”  The Museum of Incomplete Stories is a space which contains pieces that had a lost history.

Each of the works shown in the Museum has a partner piece that has been lost over the course of time and been stored in the museum. All that remains is the ghost of the former presence shown by the stained tissue in the boxes in which they had been wrapped. Each item in the boxes has an associated catalog tag.

Sandra Schmid, Kylie Sinkovich & Nadine Smith“Recherćhe” show.

A performance-based jewellery installation in an elevator in one of Wellington’s historic buildings. The performance occurred with a Franz Liszt piano solo playing in the background and had a Stanley Kubrick feel with their roleplay and voyeuristic elements.

Katie Pascoe, Caroline Thomas“Private Lives” – viewing is through a peep-hole in the wall




selected photos of Tanel Veenre masterclass: