HS4 Blog thoughts 10-4-17


enamel tests

Talking shadows with Volker.

I have to admit I am somewhat frustrated. It is great to have this ‘conversation’ with such a great maker but what is really niggling at me is the fact we can’t do it face to face over beer! This surprises me. It has made me realise how much I really value the energy that comes from a physical interaction. I am glad I have realised it now as there is quite some time to work together, so best I get past it and get on with the process.

Through words and pictures the value of the ’shadow’ has been identified. This pulls me back to work I skirted around during final year of study, also it makes me aware that the beauty found in shadows is something I have a tendency to play with.  But the rub is how to explore a shadow without ‘drawing’ it directly onto the enamelled surface.Getting matt and reflection through enamelling and the addition of gold leaf, plus lots of surface disruption on the copper that is partially revealed through the enamel.

Along with the contrast of shadows; the bangle explores ideas of contrast.

The black next to the gold comes from walks through Buenos Aries where a richness of architecture stood next to dilapidation.


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