My life is imitating my art or my art is imitating my life, which one to be most accurate I’m not sure, but to be honest it is a total bewilderment.

The hours that I’ve spent in trial and error of repairing broken objects (originally formed by my hands) have required such tenderness, patience and perseverance I have come to care for them and the action considerably more. The thought did develop during stints of many hours labor that the act of repair cultivates care, and that everyone really should experience what it means firstly to care about something enough that they want to manually fix it, and then through that process, a space for contemplation has also been created. One will inevitably end up caring about whatever it is or represents in much greater depth.

How this relates to my project is significant, our need to care about this enormous ‘entity’ we are part of that is in dire need of restoration. The facts are that there is no way out of the hard work, time and sacrifice needed for this job and that every person needs to take ownership. With our Western society demands of fast, cheap and instant gratification, this is a difficult concept to personally accept.
It is not ironic that the vulnerability of our species rests on these very weaknesses we collectively possess that inhibit progress in the right direction.

It is said that to be a good craftsperson or tradesperson it is not how great you are at manufacturing things, but how skillfully you can fix your mistakes. And we all make them because we are human and also via error is one fundamental method that we learn by. The same can be said for life. We can innovate and invent and be amazing at creating any thing, but it takes greater discipline and creative problem solving to repair the problems that we have created for ourselves by being so “industrious”.

As far as an art project goes, is it enough to contemplate the image of repair without engaging in the act itself?

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