Packing at Whitereia

All change seems to be the theme of late.  I’ve been at Whitereia (the institute where Peter Deckers teaches Jewellery and where I studied and have been mentoring/lecturing) helping with the sorting (30 years accumulation), packing and storing.  A new facility is almost ready in central Wellington for the New Year.

In the studio I’m also on the move.  I’ve been lucky to have had the use of one of two rooms shared by three artists, but with the departure of one, I needed to shift to enable us to bring in someone new to help cover our expenses.  The move means down-sizing and rationalising what can be kept, made all the more difficult by the recent exciting acquisition of a well-used point carver.  I’ve constructed a wooden trolley for it to sit on as it will need to be shifted each time I want to use it.

There are lots of projects ticking away including the extended Stanley Street silver-cleaning, the next HandShake show, Park(ing) Day, Dowse  All that glitters… and of course Christmas!

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