A summary of my work in the Leanings show at Pah Homestead

My work Altered States evolved with diorama like play.  Lots of scenarios were played out with  bits and pieces on boiler bases before the final work was completed.  Scenes were arranged and rearranged for photographic documentation.  I began to think of this process  as  making sets where I created imagined scenes.  Pieces became props.  It was endless fun where time became irrelevant.  Some of the resulting images could be works in themselves.   Deciding on the final pieces for the exhibit at Leanings was  challenging.  My idealistic aims had to be thrown out of the window as I had to settle on what I had time to complete in the face of a flu.

My partner David assisted me to realise my imaginings by creating a mini computer to mechanise action mans eyes and wiring the lighting for the bottom level.  I also had  to outsource some of my welding on the large copper structure.  My jewellers torch wasn’t big enough.  To achieve creative dreams it is often necessary to involve others who have the skill set that can help you make things happen.  Suddenly so much more becomes possible if you don’t limit yourself to your own skill or mind set.  Time doesn’t always allow you the luxury to learn new techniques or provide finance for the necessary tools.  Stumbling blocks can be overcome by talking with your mentor and other makers.




It was awesome to reconnect with the other Handshakers’ at the exhibition set up and opening.  Everyone worked well as a team and were incredibly supportive of each other.   The diverse talents of our members, (with considerable added work on top of their own work/lives)  saw the creation of some hot marketing and promotional material.  For the opportunities that Handshake provides and to get to know such a great bunch of people I’m extremely grateful.   The power of the group.    Can’t wait till we come together again in March for our show at Toi Poneke, Wellington.

Detail from Altered States

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