Blog 15 September 20th, 2017

  Another collection waiting to be cut up.

Studying under Peter Deckers at Whitereia has led to being part of two amazing groups.  TheSeeHere ( was the brainchild of Sunni Gibson, a micro- gallery housed in a shopfront window, the fortunate members and invited guests have had opportunities to show their most experimental work since 2010.  The gallery has recently had to relocate and suddenly the timing means I’m up for the re-opening show on October 25th.

  Trial of stringing the cut and drilled glasses together.

Sometimes we find that we have said yes without really thinking through the consequences.  That is exactly what I have done and the month ahead is looking ridiculous with the first HandShake exhibition to be installed on October 30th in Auckland.  Certainly if exhibiting/art opportunities come up there is a desire to grab every one, not knowing if or when there will be another.  But the reality is I guess based on insecurity and I wonder by taking on so much do we do the opportunities an injustice by not putting considered time and effort into the work.  All this is compounded by the personal commitments to friends and family.



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