Its been a challenge keeping on track in August with Handshake exhibits coming and a very busy first month in business. However Sam and I have been so well supported buy the wider handshake community that the cabinets (gifted by the dowse) are already brimming with our peers work, our benches are in, our toolboxes are full (thank you Peter and whitireia of old) and we have already had a very successful first night class. so we are off to a great start.

One of the adjustments I have had to make has been moving my primary work space into town its a 45 minute drive away so I am no longer working late nights at the bench. As I balance time with my young family and household commitments and the new venture my work for HS4 Corbans estate show has to become become more considered and pre-planned.  The majority of these pieces have been made in my home studio over the last few months where I was able to work with shell and stone equipment. the pieces have a familiar vernacular and nod to the past traditions of NZ jewellery. Conveying  both nostalgia and melancholy  they are full of sentiment and long to be close to the body. this work is less bold than some of my earlier work at Pah homestead and Toi gallery but for me is still connected. Id like to think these quieter works have purpose and for me a type of resolution in the story of the work I have made over the last two years.

My communication with Judy is fluid via Instagram and email with quick messages here and there which is great as life has become fast paced, Judy is a constant support and sounding board at this time, reminding me to be brave and keep making. I have written a brief for another handshake project exhibit at Pataka and Invited Judy and Kirstin to collaborate. it opens the week after Corbans Estate..Judy Likes the brief, Kirstin is in the states, we are working on it its going to be fun. we will call our Install Dresser

JewelDISPLAYJewel Pataka,Toi gallery

Collaboration Judy Darragh, Kirstin D’agostino, Jennifer Laracy

Responding to the site of a female space as a dresser with mirror and open drawers, In this work the private space is made public.

  • Each collaborator will contribute 5 pieces of work or more ..
  • the work can be wearable jewellery or related to jewellery adornment or the we see ourselves.
  • the audience is encouraged to view the objects closely work will be secured directly to the dresser/drawers/ mirrors and lamp
  • the work/objects will mingle/ overlap and clump.. and talk with each other as reference the conversations three female maker have had over the handshake project
  • the dresser becomes a personal site for how we see ourselves, a place to talk about identity and where we keep our treasures and secrets
  • The work can be a literal or a metaphorical/symbolic interpretation of what you may find in this space..a shrine to the feminine 
  • jewellery as sentimental, heirlooms, memory, sacredness,  the body, mirrors, reflections, sex, gender roles a woman’s role in the home/society/politics..chaos/order …







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