Brace yourself – get ready for the roller coaster ride of creativity.

This year I returned to creating from home.  I’m finding new ways of working and yes, procrastination techniques too.  In my city based studio, to fill in time I could chat to studio mates, and shop to pass time during creative constipation.  Today, this has been replaced with cleaning, gardening and eating. Rather than talking to myself, our cat provides a tentative listening ear.

Biscuit, my listening ear

Mostly I miss the companionship of my creative buddies.  Being a people person I aim to get out at least once during the day to hold onto my special blend of sanity.   Don’t get me wrong there are many positives to working from home. I am learning more about myself from this switch and each day make forward progress.  I’m also making an effort to grow and learn from my fellow makers.  “Get making”  is something I’ve been hearing from more than one person – I have tried to take that on board. I’ve also been reading other handshakers’ blogs and have been inspired by their ways of working and dedication.  As a result I’m playing more with materials and focusing less on the end result to free up my making.

Drift wood, animal skulls and teeth, piano parts, heat shrink etc. are being utilised and arranged. I’ve had some strong creeped out responses.

Drift wood,  seaweed root, tar teeth, heat shrink, birds beak

Reindeer horn and heat shrink

Brace yourself is an extension of a piece I made in 2014 called “Grin and wear it”. Toothy hammers from the inside of a piano provide inspiration.  I’m thinking of making a set of dentures from other pieces and know that somewhere in my boxes of stuff I have 3 sets of my fathers false teeth. Why have I kept these? – creative people will know. Tell me no secrets and I’ll tell you no lies – these teeth chatter in storage and now I must seek them out. Yet another distraction…

Brace Yourself

 False Teeth

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