One thing that all three pieces selected by coda have in common is that they are 3d printed or contain a printed element so 3d printing and the digital path is also the way I will go.

The Dunedin School of Art where I work has recently purchased a massive ceramic 3d printer (Its taller than me). The past couple of weeks I have been figuring out how to work it and thought I could possibly use it for this project.

My experience with using printers that print plastic is helpful, but ceramic has whole new game. I have been having some issues with getting the clay the right consistency. To dry and its wont stick or to wet and it flops over. Below are some of the better prints that I got off the machine. A lot more tinkering is needed 😊

The thick layers are interesting but I’m unsure about the ceramic. A lot of detail is lost

Often people who work with the technology try their best to hide the marks of the process I think it would be interesting to emphasise it. One way to do that would be to exaggerate the layer lines of a 3d print by using a larger nozzle on the printer.

The images of the 3d files above are interactive. Use your mouse to drag and mouse wheel to scale them

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