Repetition is something I struggle with. So I thought I would make a chain, to face the thing I don’t enjoy. My attention span is that of a small child, unless  chocolate is involved. So to move away from making chain I did some internet research. Chain making was done by both men and woman, payment was piece work.Based on how much chain was made, the gauge of chain and the demand for it. In 1886 the payment was that of ‘starvation wage’.

As of today I have made just under 2m of steel chain. Each link comes from a piece of 1.2mm diameter mild steel, 8cm long. The length is cut from the wire, bent into a U shape and two rings formed at the bottom. The next is threaded through. Then enameled. I am aiming for 10ms. I have got pain in my shoulder and bruising in the muscle of my right hand.

I would be starving and letting the crew down.

Is facing your dislikes a good thing? I don’t know. I know I have the luxury of being able to stop making the chain and do something else. I know  this is a small personal challenge and it is not life threatening. Follow this link for more information on the history of chain making.


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