On the home front I have been busy in the workshop exploring and developing some new bits and pieces, still sketching and the workbook is filling up.

I have been working on cut outs, folding rooster and calf pile …about an intensification of farming practice. A manipulation and reduction of animals into objects…waste product.

and this shadow man.. have a thing for hats at present.

Still working on the love song piece drilling bakelite components using one of my favourite tools.

Take a look at these works, Green Gaze which features in Judy Darragh’s excellent exhibition Ummm at Jonathon Smart Gallery. These works seem to me emanate a radioactive energy, contrasting with her crisp digital Papercraft work… wonderfully oscillating between volatility and control. Jonathon Smart writes around market traction which was interesting ..perhaps Judy seems to stretch the limits when it comes to her approach too..raw too bright too radical for the conventional?


Judy has given me This great book called the artificial Kingdom. Lucky me! A fascinating look at Kitsch and the fetish that developed around ornament in the industrial era and rise of commodity.



Also my neckpiece Fountainhead will be part of the semi permanent display in the new Puke Ariki creativity and innovation exhibit









I have started an Instagram account also you can follow me #here for more of my handshake exploration.




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