“Don’t focus too much on jewellery” I hear you say? But isn’t this a blog about contemporary jewellery?

Yes. It is, but there is so much more involved with “contemporary jewellery” the concepts, materials, movements and happenings around this subject, and hey… it’s ok to take a wee break as I can (and will) come back to it.


After a great meeting with Jasmin online we discussed materials and body related object. What is body related object and how do we define and explore this? In attempts for me to have true breakthroughs in my practice I need to take a step back from “jewellery” for a little bit and explore materials, concepts and the more contextual meanings behind these. New material exploration can be the gateway for this, pushing my thinking and approach in new directions

I am nervous and know that because of my “craftsman” like nature and “make-up” that this will be a challenge, but from challenges can come great break throughs.


WEIRD NEW THINGS. I have been encouraged to work in materials that are unfamiliar to me and have no direct relationship to my cultural makeup. This makes me feel slightly uneasy and slightly terrified!

The hopes are that in doing this I will be able to find my own voice and and connection to these “alien” materials and see what my relationship to them is as an individual and what personal dialogue may arise from researching into unfamiliar territory. Making my object stories stronger, a potential new translation.

As this is all new to me I am unaware exactly now I may approach writing on the subject. This blog will definatly be serving as a vehicle to show you this journey indeed!

plastic and spray paint

One practice that I have put into place is 10 min writings everyday just letting my mind go and write, write, write. Write about what I have done with these new alien things, how it made me feel, what is frustrating me, what is inspiring me. I am also trying best to step away from looking at other jewellers so as not to leave too much of an imprint on my practice and research. Looking more into the fine arts and how they have explored this kind of experimentation.




Yes all of the above…… but I know something amazing will come from this……….

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