The show at Toi Poneke was adventurous and lived up to the title of PROCESS…with Artist and educator Gabby Oconnor transforming Toi Poneke Gallery into a sort of giant sketchbook.. to display our work in a playful and energetic way… the challenge was to interact with this unfamiliar, sometimes un-cooperative environment independently and see what we could do.., this in itself was a process which opened up new ways of thinking about our work and for me revealed previously unseen pathways and possibilities. we were encouraged to show unfinished work alongside the finished and in this way invite the audience into the private worlds of 12 handshake4 makers.

using chain and thread I stitched my work to the gridded drop sheet making connections a sort of diagram or map configuration.

hair, mussel buoy, seaweed, mothers milk, stone, horn, and shell..fossicked found rockhound




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