Exhibition online is a new platform for contextualising jewellery ideas and processes.

There are two known ways of exhibiting contemporary jewellery: on the body (an exhibition platform since prehistoric times) and in cabinets/plinths/drawers or hanging, eg in space or on a wall.

This online presentation is not emulating any of those but instead attempt to break away from it.




Trash Diving & Tip Larking

Three Wellington jewellers plunder the treasures of TRASH PALACE

Protagonists: Vivien Atkinson, Nadine Smith and Caroline Thomas


LATENT by Nik Hanton          

For the final group show of Handshake 4 I created a series of brooches using resin and latex.

Latex is an impermanent material to use in the making of jewellery. It has a limited lifespan and deteriorates over time. This means that the work too changes- its personality and appearance alters.

The pieces in this series were made in response to the Dual Process theory. This theory refers to the contrasting ways in which we approach the world. One conscious (thought). One automatic (feeling). The automatic is difficult to bend to our will, but the conscious can be altered with persuasion.

The original works in this series have now taken on their new form, four months later, with the deterioration of the material. The first “Conscious” part of the Dual Process series has now become the second part. The “Automatic” series, entitled “Latent”

The new series that has developed reveals the latent qualities of the material and the pieces.



For Safekeeping 2018 by Mandy Flood


Playlist for Earrings by Katie Pascoe

Playlist for Earrings was initially created as a 9-day online Instagram and Spotify look & listen earring exhibition.

Each earring and illustration links to its own particular song. The physical manifestation of the exhibition was created at Salt Gallery in November 2018.

Click this link to see the exhibition images

Click this link to hear the playlist




Wandering thoughts – Poria on the loose, by Keri-Mei Zagrobelna

Maori Proverb:

“Ko ia kāhore nei i rapu, tē ktea”

S/he who does not seek will not find


BMONNZ by Brendon Monson

‘History is a cyclic poem written by time 

upon the memories of man’ – Percy Bysshe Shelley

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