I can feel things starting to take shape, Judy has the knack of always bring me back to the land my environment and my relationship to it.

The sessions have initiated a picking apart my practice identifying where things fit,

we have talked about the materials I choose to collect and use and the process of change they embody, the problem they pose

discarded.. a cycle out to the ocean onto the land into the fire out to the sea…I have been exploring this more, with small experiments and test pieces.


I think about JOHN WOLSELEY 

“It is a funny way of putting it, how nature works, it is almost like I am talking about some kind of complicated machine. The really important thing for me, now that ecosystems are in collapse, the zeitgeist of any landscape artist, is that this is the most important subject we have to look at. This is the most important thing”   John Wolseley





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