For CODA we’re each to make a body of work that dialogues with three pieces in the museum collection.

My conversation partners are two very different artists; Lam de Wolf (who creates process-based works, often interactive projects) and Reka Fekete (a maker of jewellery, sometimes objects).

Lam de Wolf

Lam de Wolf is a Dutch visual artist who manufactures installations and monumental works and designs portable objects and wall hangings. Her practice crosses boundaries, often straddling media and defying easy categorization. Her work is new to me; I saw it for the first time in the CODA online catalogue. You can see her website here. I have been allocated two works by Lam de Wolf:

1 Sinnepop Doll (1999-2000, one of 52 made from baby clothes, paper and pins for a year-long relational project)

This is the artists’ description of the project:

From my fiftieth birthday I brought a Sinnepop to Galerie Ra every week . …After a week I changed the doll and gave her away in exchange for a bottle of champagne. .. After a year I asked all the dolls for a week-end and made a big wall in the gallery and drank a glass of champagne with all doll owners.

Here’s the installation view of the wall display in Galerie Ra:

2 Homage to the free thinker (1986) Headpiece, Paper, wood, textile, paint

Here’s the piece being worn:

Reka Feketa

Reka Feketa was born in Hungary and has lived in Amsterdam since 2004. I first came across her work in my final year of study, and in 2011 the two of us coincided at Cranbrook during HS1, so I know her slightly.  You can see her website here and read an AJF interview here.

The work of Reka’s that I’m responding to is City Walk (2012) Necklace, Wood, zinc, leather, silver, paint:

What’s next?

As you can see, the three works share very little common ground, which gives me a lot of wiggle room in terms of dialogue/response.

For me, the characteristic that my two artists share is playfulness. I  have a tendency to overthink, so this is something I will keep top-of-mind as I approach this project.

I’ll also be experimenting with Facilimaking and Co-elaboration, the excellent methodologies introduced in Roseanne’s masterclass.

So my statement of intent at the moment is deliberately broad….


Statement of intent
  • I’ll make jewellery and/or objects related to the body
  • There may also be an element of participation or performance, or work using other media
  • There may be manifestations of the project elsewhere

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