Gabby O’Connor worked with us wholeheartedly for our install at Toi Poneke.   The Grid-lined drop sheet  installation challenged the conventional wall plinth gallery display.  Hand drawn with crayons, the grid lines resembled a page in a workbook.  These were hung around the gallery walls. Each of us was allocated a space and drop cloth to install our work.  We were given free range to do whatever we liked.  After purchasing graph paper. I went away for a day to think about alternative ways of displaying my work within the grid line drop sheets.

In this exhibition two bodies of work that I worked on simultaneously sit side by side.  They demonstrate  my working process on the page like installation.   Recycled metal assemblages sat alongside  objects made from organic  materials.

One lot of work sat externally on the page while the the other group sit and hang through a window, like a portal into  another world giving hints to the viewer on my imaginings and current material obsessions.



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