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Handshake 3 Collaborations

The HandShake3 investigation of ‘collaboration’ will have broad possibilities, where the collaboration in itself can be a context for deeper exploration to individual pursuits with former mentor and/or new collaborators.

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The first HandShake3 collaboration with chosen collaboration partners was at Objectspace in July 2016. Click here for more

their second collaboration was with London-based group Dialogue Collective:

DC and HS

  1. The 7 day challenge  SAMETIMEDIFFERENTPLACE
  2. The Munich Jewellery week 2017 collaboration: “It Will All Come Out In The  Wash”

HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE “It Will All Come Out In The  Wash” (10-12 March 2017, 12.00-19.00). Collaboration exhibition with the London-  based Dialogue Collective group. LOT62-Schleissheimenr Str. 62, 80799 Munich.    OPENING night: Thurs 9 March 2017 (17.00- 20.00)  

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