Handshake3 Exhibitions

9 July  – 13 Augustus  2016

 Handshake 3 at Objectspace, Auckland (focus on collaboration).

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17 September –15 October 2016

Handshake 3 at Platina Gallery, Stockholm (focus on new work) including a JEWELtalk at the Konstfack, Stockholm  and at the art academy in Tallinn, Estonia (20 September).

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8 – 14 March  2017, 9.30-18.00:  Handwerksmesse, Munich

HS3 at the Frame galleries, Handwerksmesse 2017

 Handshake 3 Concept and Conception at the Frame Galleries, Handwerksmessehall B1. Event Handwerk Onstage hall B1: HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE Onstage (Sat 11 March 2017, 15.50 – 16.10).

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8 – 12 March  2017, 12.00-19.00:  Munich Jewellery Week 


HANDSHAKE meets DIALOGUE COLLECTIVE It Will All Come Out In The  Wash . Collaboration exhibition with the London-  based Dialogue Collective group. LOT62-Schleissheimer Str. 62, 80799 Munich.    

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August 5 –  December 3, 2017

HS jewellery project, DOWSE

Handshake3: reflect   The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt (this exhibition will include a more specific brief and focus on new work). Includes a book launch  (Arnoldsche publication).