Francis Upritchard

Daily life. Exotic animals. Mined cultural artefacts. Severed heads. Fine fingernails. Connection.
Otherness. Collapsed boundaries. Art and Craft. These are some of the words that get spoken about Francis Upritchard’s work. Fiction often sits alongside her work to offer a less descriptive more explorative take on her sculptures and installations… White. Thin. Bent second toe on right foot. Eyes lowered. Am I due an upgrade on my phone? Can I survive on very little sleep?…writes Deborah Levy in The Thinker at the beginning of Francis Upritchard’s latest book Jealous Saboteurs.

Francis Upritchard’s work attracts critical international attention with past solo exhibitions in Japan, LA and in Vienna. This year she is in the curated show at the 2017 Venice Biennale and has an upcoming show at the Barbican, London scheduled in 2018. Rock star.

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