Judy Darragh

Judy Darragh seems to be able to shift gears easily between media without losing steam, producing work full of potency, which always has something to say.

Her practice spans over thirty years and is broad in its scope, embarking on sculpture, installation, photography and film. Judy Darragh takes part in wider conversations with her practice from gender roles, social politics to sci-fi artificiality and in an unapologetic way. Her bravery is something I really admire.

Her site-specific project Arts Society it explores a feminist critique of culture and issues around the mass produced. This work takes a look at both the history of art societies in New Zealand, and the way communities can effect change through collaboration. This work symbolizes what has been missing in my world. I have had a head down introverted art practice whereas Judy has faced her practice head on no holds barred.

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