Kim Whalen

Adornment / Movement / Motion and the manipulation of these elements.

the relationship between adornment and the human body through documentation / space/ movement/ motion/ restriction/ weight.

Since the completion of my Creative Arts Degree in 2015, I have been concentrating on the relationship between adornment, movement and motion. Through my investigation, of these kinaesthetic elements, I have discovered the malleable compromises that jewellery has on our bodies. It has the power to restrict our movements or cement our bodies down towards the earth. Further, it emphasises the necessity for our connectedness to others while restricting those needs. My work walks a fine line between adornment, attraction, rawness and un-wearability.


Instagram: @wildbramble

35mm film

special thank you to Misma Anaru on 35mm film wearing three of my neck pieces created during Handhskake4.   Kim Whalen. Wha neck-piece, harakeke and proteaceae, 2018. Kim Whalen. Kaimohu neck-piece, harakeke and proteaceae, 2018. Kim Whalen. Takahurihuri...


Reflecting upon the last two years, and the Handshake4 project. An invaluable unforgettable experience. Going into this I really had no idea what I was getting into except that it was a huge full-time commitment on my end. And boy was it just that. Would I recommend...

Raranga kono workshop



Kauri Taonga

So while everything putrefies, wars waging, beauties forms are eternal. I seek to honour the ephemeral by exalting it’s neglected, life giving roots, as well as its ephemeral shells. I carry this vessel, inside here watching, eyes that commit, tenacious bleeding heart...


What blooms, dies. Mortality, subject to the processes of nature, is beyond our control. And yet we celebrate life. We exalt a flowers essence - its freshness and singularity- on a literal pedestal, by making its fleetingness exquisitely visible. All too often,...

The Importance of Preservation

The lessons of preservation, something that I have been forced to focus on these last 6 months, even the last year. One year seems like such an arbitrary number now. One year. One year older. One year living alone in the middle of the bush land of the New Zealand...


The forest said Numb hospitality. I don’t want to talk about it. Still listening to everyone else’s problems. I love you like I don’t love myself. I sing for you tomorrow. Sick of being afraid. Tear my page. You wild peaceful being Nothing or no one will ever compare....


Silently a flowers blooms, In silence it falls away; Yet here now, at this moment, at this place,                 The whole of the flower, the whole of                 the world is blooming. This is the talk of the flower, the truth                 Of the blossom; The...

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