Kylie Sinkovich

I began my creative life by viewing the world through a compositional lens. Photography has been my constant companion on this journey. It articulates my thoughts, feelings and responses where there are no words for translation.

I also have an innate desire to craft physical objects by the hand and experience the feeling of forming raw natural materials. I arrived at the answer of contemporary jewellery at a time in my life when I needed to return to my creative path.

Intuitive play with these natural substances manifested in 3D compositions using principally the language of the ring.

I create objects with the intimate intention of forms that connect with the body on both physical and intellectual levels. My work focusses on the socio-political landscape, the sustainability of life systems and spiritual realms.

I am drawn to the practice of installation and how an environment can activate a persons emotional and physical response to immersive sensory stimuli. Handshake 4 provides me with the experimental platform to develop exploratory concepts under the critique of a chosen mentor. Benjamin Lignel is an authority in the contemporary jewellery field of exhibitionism and critical discourse. I look forward to benefiting from his insight.


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Mentee and mentor reflections – a final signing off

In conversation with my mentor Benjamin Lignel on our personal Handshake 4 experiences. My personal Handshake journey started in a haze of self-doubt due to a period of instability in my life. The place I called home changed several times, there was a death in my...

Corban Estate – Polarity

Twelve artist's, eleven mentors, two rooms, one dark, one light, the one and only Peter and Hilda, and three exhibitions including this final show after almost two years of exhibition collaboration together. The ending is sort of bittersweet, as after all the hard...

Polarity thoughts and talks

Peter requested that I make my small intro talk for our opening into a blog so here it is 🙂 I will be sharing a few ideas with you on Polarity: the meeting of opposites; two forces, opposing yet mutually interdependent. It’s all real, and it’s all a dream. All...

Polarity – Our existence would not be possible without it

From the macro viewpoint, Earth’s magnetism is an act of repelling and attracting the positive and negative north and south poles, creating a magnetic field which protects us from most solar radiation. And to the microscale, the dance of polarity is the basis for cell...

Inner Worlds and Outer Worlds

It appears that our mentorship programme is two thirds of the way done and dusted. I’ve been reflecting on where I’ve come from to where I am now during bouts of insomnia/extreme bursts of mental and physical energy. Everyone has their own private battles and mine is...

Process – Toi Poneke

Participants had between 2 and 4 days (depending on where in the country they were travelling from) to respond to installation artist Gabby O'Conner's exhibition design/challenge. Drop sheets with grids drawn on them (symbolising the canvas of our workbooks/visual...

Transitory matter

A duality that in reality is affinity Something so fragile we hold afar but is inordinately near Our co-dependency is echoed in shapes as substances dialogue with each other concerning permeation of deleterious waste We are all transitory matter It is only a matter of...

Beyond boundaries

There are often expectations to push a material to & beyond its boundaries when pursuing a design, form or idea so that is original & unexpected. This usually results in considerable wasted material & failures but is also an invaluable way of making new...

Gallery conversations at Pah Homestead

Kylie Sinkovich and Kim Whalen in conversation A fun informal talk with audience about our work and the Handshake Project See Video of the talk  

Within This Skin at ‘Leanings’– Pah Homestead Gallery

Working with the eventual materials of this project was a significant departure from my typical and ‘safe’ mediums that I am familiar with. The general fragility and unpredictability of these new materials made the tenuous early stages of the creative process even...

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