Nik Hanton

Using the age-old materials and techniques of leather, wood, binding, and hand painting Nik Hanton revisits these methods, reshapes them, and brings them into a contemporary context that examines the complex social experience of being human.

After studying Sociology and Psychology Nik worked for a number of years in a variety of Media industries before following her passion for jewellery.

In 2015 Nik completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts majoring in Contemporary Jewellery from Whitireia NZ, received the Fingers Gallery Graduate Award and won the ECC / Dowse student Craft/Design Award for Jewellery from The Village Goldsmith. She recently returned from The Netherlands where a series of her work was selected for the prestigious Galerie Marzee International Graduate show.

The end

And so we reach the end of the Handshake 4 journey... A journey that's involved emails, messages and video conversations sent over a distance of more than 13,463 kms. It's involved time a difference of 19 hours with one rising for the day and the other concluding...

Dual Process

When we’re making decisions we approach the process using two different systems of thinking. In Psychology, the name for this process is called "Dual Process Theory". The first system is our intuition. It's swift, automatic, subconscious and emotional. The second...

Intersection / Polarity

A different kind of Polarity... It's not news that there's a considerable overlap and intersection between different art practices. Maybe one of the least expected intersections could be the relationship between hip-hop and traditional art movements such as the...


The magic in life's about polarities- without light there's no shadow. I've been thinking about our up-coming show Polarity and the kind of work I want to make given the nature of the space, the installation plan and the title of the group show. The idea of...


There is nothing like the coming together of like-minded people who are supportive, engaged and passionate about the same thing you are. The Contemporary Jewellery community in NZ is just such a community.    

Greatness & smallness

There are some inspirations and admirations that stand the test of time. In fact, centuries of time already. I’ve been looking at the work of one of the most impressive creators, inventors, scientists and artists of all time- Leonardo Da Vinci. Such intellect,...

Nocebo Effect

I haven't been well recently and the idea of a placebo has taken on a new dimension for me while I try and self-heal. As I've been doing further research into the placebo effect I've discovered another effect, the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect is a "detrimental...

Placebo Effect

For the Handshake 4 'Leanings' show at Pah Homestead, I made a series of work entitled 'Placebo Effect' with the following artist's statement: "The placebo effect is a beneficial outcome from an inert treatment. The individual believes it is functional but it is, in...

Process is messy

Not everything works. Not everything gets resolved.


Hardened leather, textile, wood, paint.  

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