Regan Gentry

Woods from the Trees


Woods from the Trees is an artwork that re-imagines a reorganised Christchurch after the disastrous quakes of 2010-2011. The basic idea was to use wood from a demo house and return it to its original botanical form… illustrating ‘Nature’ as being a cyclical process of change, renewal and sometimes reversion.
Wood was collected from two separate properties, sorted and fixed onto the steel frames. That was my job. Brown Bread – a Chch project/events company, drove the funding process, team development, collaboration and consents side of the project. The project took six months from house demo to sweeping clear the pavement below the installed trees.
Materials: steel subframe, salvaged Rimu, wire. 10m wide x 4m thick x 9m tall. Duration, a minimum of 3 years, it will be assessed periodically as the work ages and removed when required.



Solo exhibition at Whitespace, Auckland.

This show took pumice as it’s raw material to explore ideas of floating, suspension and internal pressure. These aspects are inherent in the stone and also drew parallels with how I was feeling currently in my artistic career. The stone was sourced from farmland around the Taupo region. Thanks go out to the owners of the land.

2006 – 2008

The Of Gorse, of Course project grew from a four-month placement as the William Hodges Artist in Residence in Invercargill over summer 2005. Of Gorse, of Course explores the artistic possibilities and uses of gorse, while also depicting the story of its introduction and vigorous acclimatisation in New Zealand. The name of the show alludes to the fact that the wide variety of works in the show are all made completely from gorse (Ulex europaeus) – of course!

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