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Through my jewellery, I aim to capture within an object what already exists; its significance of meaning and its materiality. I am drawn to calm, comfortingly simple forms; to domestic and organic objects, distilled and uncluttered; to the concept of holding and memory, and how touch can provide a sense of comfort. Historical, cultural, and feminist signifiers inform and run through my work.

I feel that HS6 will allow me to explore, to experiment and to deepen my understanding of my thinking and making process in a stimulating, inspiring and positively challenging way.

My chosen mentor is Mah Rana.


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Handle brooches, 2019 Found handles, magnets, stg silver

Handles are liminal objects; living on the border between internal and external worlds. Dividing and inviting at the same time. They are tools, ergonomically designed in relation to the hand. They can offer comfort and protection; help close the door; tidy away the mess… or expose it in one turn.


‘Silver & Ebony & Resin lockets‘ – silver, velvet, polyester fibre, velvet, thread, Locket: 80mm x 40 x 20mm Chain: 870mm x 10mm approx


‘Big Blue Handle Brooch’ 2019, Found handle, magnets, oxidised stg silver, 136mm x 30mm x 20mm



Handle brooch with Safety Chain & Handle brooches, 2019, Found handles, stg silver, cotton coard, magnets, various sizes


‘Beloved Mother’s Pearls’ 2019, Artist’s own hair, stg silver, silk thread, case from artist’s deceased grandmother’s pearls Necklace: 440mm long, beads ranging from 6-10mm Case: 253mm x 80mm x 23mm

This set of ‘pearls’ speaks of Percy Grainger’s intense love for his mother and his desperate longing to preserve her after her death. Intergenerational traits and objects can be both comforting and uncomfortable (made for Clink Project 6, as part of Radiant Pavilion, in response to the Grainger Museum collection).


‘Comfort cuffs’  2019, Velvet, polyester fibre, thread (60mm internal diam)


‘Heirlooms’ 2018, Oxidised sterling silver, 35mm x 18mm x 14mm


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