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I have an obsession with collecting the unseen and discarded from my daily domestic life and surroundings. I find possibility in these materials and transform them into precious, wearable pieces. In their new form, they speak to those who recognise traces of their history, touching on domesticity, gender, consumerism, and self-prescription through colour-coding.

I am looking to HS6 to help me navigate my post-study making with more clarity and refine my research.

Attai Chen is my mentor as recommended by the committee. He was only a video away, and I found many parallels in his approach so I’m very excited to be his mentee.


 Nikki Perry‘s images:

Possum (headlights), 2019, series tg Silver, Plastic. 84mm x 20mm (brooches)


Wobble, 2017 tg Silver, Plastic, Elastic. 102mm x 102mm x 42mm H (brooch)


See, 2017 tg Silver, Plastic, Silicon. 75mm x 75mm (brooch)


Swirl, 2016 Stg Silver, Plastic. 166mm x 132mm


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