February 10th, 2019

Acting out the idea of the fabric brush


The HandShake 5 cohort gathered in Wellington and were treated to an interesting and stimulating Workshop conducted by Roseanne Bartley.  The first of the two exhibitions we will participate in later in the year are based on making work that responds to particular work held in the Collection of CODA Museum in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.  Many of the tasks in the workshop were designed to help us all to think of different ways we could ‘know’, engage with and respond to the works assigned to us by the Curator at CODA. The second exhibition is for the new Te Uru Gallery space in Auckland and the focus is to make work that will ideally be site-responsive. Again Roseanne developed a number of tasks that were designed to take us away from working at a table/bench and explore more creatively the use of space and to think about ways of making work that responds to the space of a Gallery.  Words were often used as the trigger for activities and working in pairs also changed the dynamics between individuals and the objects they had chosen to work with, especially with actions such as echo and trespass being required.  Perhaps most interesting were the number of videos that were made to record these activations and the discussion during the final summing up of the video as a more interesting artform or potentially resolved work versus its place as experimentation or inspiration.

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