When having to move workshop space the reality of the stuff I keep was more than apparent. There were test pieces going back to 2010, nestled safely in the back of unopened drawers. The ‘you never know when’ classification of storage obviously applied to these wee gems.  They made the move with me.

Volker and I have been talking about gold. He has used quite a lot of it. I have never worked with it, not quite in my aesthetic span. Volker told me not to be scared, just get on with it, melt it down and if it doesn’t work do it again. Nothing lost. I mentioned the cost factor, he said find some old jewellery and melt that, go on, what are you worried about?

So I began thinking about all the ‘treasure’ I had brought with us 20 years ago. Small pieces that had memories of my mom. They had no monetary value. Tiny earrings and necklaces’ only 9ct but they had so many memories. I was going to pass them on to my daughters. Well when I offered them, there was a polite ‘no thank you’ with a side look of ‘are you bonkers’.  So do what the mentor said, melt them down.

The result will be a small but vital part in work to be found in HS4; Process.


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