Hot off the BenchWhen fully immersed in something, the challenge is to see past what you believe the focus to be.
I have just gone through the first group show of Handshake 4. What is seen on opening is so much more. The group show is the culmination of thoughts, trials, failures, successes, conversations, deliberations, distractions and pure relief that it all came together on time and without bloodshed.

Only once did I hit a speed bump.  It resonated inside me. Then it niggled, especially when my mentor said something similar. However, then the essence of why I wanted to be part of HS4 surfaced. The questioning of what I had produced dissipated, I went from an inert position to full throttle. I was fully engaged and into thinking about the next group show. Thanks Volker.


hot off bench“yes – sometimes people react on something what is not in your focus at first ….but the stands are in this case part of your work

therefor a compliment ….take it as sign to angle/adjust your work more precise… then target and bang!  Volker Atrops




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