Sometimes it feels frightening to make the first mark on a white page. This is very much the feeling I have approaching new projects, people and materials. As with the white page there seems to be a perfection/beauty present that doesn’t want to be disturb.

Over time I learned that under the surface there are more layers to be discovered and its ok to make a mark.This means not being the spectator looking at ‘perfection’ rather than being the initiator and making changes.

Having been selected for HS4 made my whole body felt buzzing and excited, being presented with this great opportunity. So here I am now trying to make that first mark on my white sheet of paper.

During Masterclass I was fortunate having met my mentor Tanel Veenre and made the first delicate connections. Although the most impressive experience was to see the 12 selected mentees, all strong individuals slowly connecting with each other. Allowing themselves to open up, a glimpse into each others  thinking and feeling resulted in mutual understanding and support.

From here I am walking the way with friends that all bring something special to the program. While some make their first mark in pink other make a dent, one might whisper the other dance.

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