‘Caught in the Web’ 2018


– my personal HS4 program experience and outcome

The definition of ‘evaluation’ according to the Online Dictionary: the making of a judgement about the amount, number, or value of something; assessment.

This leads to the following summary looking back on a colourful and unexpected experience as one of the 12 Handshake4 mentees:

Outcome in numbers/amount:

23 months, 4 exhibitions, 6 new collections, 16 hours of mentoring, endless hours of self conversations, 5 kg of chocolate or other stimulating substances, 2 kg weight gain, 200 new highlights in my hair, 9 air travels, instagram pro, frequent ‘skyper’,  several email congestions, overheated laptops ….

More important, the value of the program:

The past 2 years have pushed and challenged my practice in many ways. While my personal goal included to engage in deeper conceptual and materiality discussions, the group engagements added another challenge.

The most surprising factor of the program for me wasn’t gaining new knowledge and techniques. It was the exploration of weaknesses in my personal habits and methods. I look forward to applying the new knowledge and seeing the work change. And lastly, but importantly, I met some great artists/jewellers through this program.

While I wont be valuing my work, please feel free to have a look at the online exhibition of my work that evolved during the program.


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