Sitting on stone steps, a casual remark or waiting in airports.  Inspiration arrives in strange places and in unexpected times.  The beginnings of this project began with a conversation while taking a break from the install at Pah Homestead, where I was sitting on worn stone steps and remarked how I liked when a building started to show its wear of human movement by a dip in a step.  The lovely Nik Hanton replied that this wear had a name – it was called a desire line.  Desire lines appear in buildings or landscapes made from repetitive human or animal footfall.  I confess I fell in love with this term and later when I was stuck at the airport, I started to wonder about the connection between intention, choice and human movement.  If desire lines show how a public space like a building or a landscape is used, I wondered if these lines were also on our body, in the form of creases and wrinkles?

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