Dorothea Prühl

‘Tiere’  1999

What makes this work so appealing to me?

Even looking at Dorothea’s work again and again it doesn’t lose its attractiveness. What causes the appeal and therefore the connection? Those were the questions that kept coming up engaging with Dorothea’s work ‘Tiere’ (Animals).

Was it the material that triggered ‘Heimatgefuehle’? The material and the form? The rawness of the surface? The tension between the title and the abstract form that left so much room for interpretation?

Reading the few available publications about Dorothea and her work gave me a little insight but still left that void.

In the end the conclusion was a very personal one: It triggered the desire to hold it, feel the wood and be able to trace the scent of the wood. Meaning not only the visual component seemed to be addressed but also the touch and the smell. 

In addition this ted talk about feeling beauty started a new thinking process

How does this affect the development of my work?


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