How can things indicate to a human what they what them to do or initiate specific actions? I’m interested in the ideology of objects being used as ‘Actants’; how they can be put in a certain place or paired with other things to make a person act in a particular way.

Te Uru is a beautifully architecturally designed building with lots of angles, perspectives and spaces reflecting upon one another. Utilising my work as ‘Actants’ I will be working towards activating the space as opposed to my usual approach of making work that can be altered by the viewer/wearer.

Recently, I have been invited to participate in an art swap at Cometspace in Auckland and decided it was the perfect opportunity to experiment towards my Te Uru  strategy . The work will only be hanging for one night where I will observe how the viewers interact/move around the way it is hung……………………………………………

French Curve Brooch on hanging construct

As a side note, it was also interesting to observe how Melanie Nieuwoudt, modeling the brooch itself, placed it on her clothing; as she used the pin straight up and down instead of across, like I do. What is it about the object itself that makes one of us think horizontally and the other vertically?

Model: Melanie Nieuwoudt Photo: Sarah Walker-Holt

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