I was lucky enough to visit with Sam Kelly who participated in Handshake 1 and her beautiful newborn baby boy at her home in New Plymouth recently. Such a lovely person to meet, we talked about the tenacity needed to continue making as a mum and constant demands of motherhood as a juggling that we have to get used to.. also about the making in short bursts and letting go of the idea of completion.

It was really great hearing about Sam’s experience of the mentorship, I gained lots of really solid advice around how to clarify goals, stay strong in the face of critique, and keeping realistic expectations

It was interesting to compare and contrast our approach to making. I gave Sam bit of a show and tell, It was so valuable having another maker look at my work in a critical way, in fact, I haven’t had another jewellery maker inspect my work so closely for years!

I left Sam with a Tanel Veenre book to enjoy and will be back for another visit soon.

I talked with Judy on Monday Taranaki anniversary weekend. So the kids were home from school. While I was shooing them away from our skype meeting in the workshop, They managed to pop a water balloon over my husband’s  laptop in the house!  I didn’t find out until after dinner it’s still drying it out in the hot water cupboard fingers crossed It still works.. always a juggling act!

Also watched In Spring One Plants Alone another brilliant Vincent Ward film

Thinking about visions and masks and looking forward to working with the kids at WOMAD

August Natterer, my eyes at the time of revelation

Mask, antique roadshow image


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