After much difficulty trying to get my skype to work me and Jasmin decided that we would video chat over social media instead.It never ceases to amaze me how you can communicate and have real time conversations with somebody halfway across the world in another time and country.

Althou I was a ball of nerves seeing Jasmin’s face to talk to for the first time was fantastic, the conversation proceeded and we got familiar with each other the words between us started to naturally develop and flow.


She told me about her trip to Munich and how she went to visit our New Zealand jewellery colleagues at their Handshake booth at Talente in Munich and how it was nice to see the Handshake process and project presentation.

Jasmin also commented on how we as New Zealand makers have a very strong connection to our natural environment and materials and how that different attitude comes across quite clearly in our work. This is something I think that we often overlook as “kiwis” or take for granted on hearing this perspective from a friend on a faraway land, it gave me more reason to delve into these reasons and insight of why kiwi jewellers are like this or work this way

It would be obvious to say “well that is what is around us” but I can’t help feel that there might be a more deeper meaning to it all and if the reason is that obvious then how are the unnatural or technological factors affecting makers today and why or how is that seen?


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Connection to nature or artificial nature

They say that in Nature (philosophy) that there are two inter-related meanings on the one hand, it means the set of all things which are natural, or subject to the normal working of the laws of nature. On the other hand, it means the essential properties and “stuff” and causes of individual things.

The deeper I went into it the more I got lost in the words and studies of Aristotle and came across the modern science of Francis Bacon…. I had to pull myself back again to the here and now….remember… Jewellery, Adornment, Handshake you can look into that later on.

Image Courtesy of Daimon Schwalger – My pounamu work featured with Suzanne Tamaki neck piece – Moving Image still from Matariki Festival concert at St James Theatre, Wellington.

However I did come across this by Immanuel Kant in regards to metaphysics…

though we cannot know these objects as things in themselves, we must yet be in a position at least to think them as things in themselves; otherwise we should be landed in the absurd conclusion that there can be appearance without anything that appears. — Critique of Pure Reason pp. Bxxvi-xxvii

I can’t help but feel that this is speaking to me on jewellery object term ……. Maybe this even has something to do with why us as Oceanic, down south, “kiwi”  jewellers are so drawn to nature or natural materials…… I’m not sure, you tell me I would love to hear your thoughts. KZ XO

Image taken in Guam whilst participating as a part of the New Zealand Delegation for the Pacific Arts Festival 2016.

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