Working with my mentor Tanel Venre, during the design phase for the exhibition at The National in Christchurch, he asked a question about the language the individual pieces, and the collection as a whole was speaking. Which language has been used and why? What do they communicate to the observer? 

Words on their own can have a specific meaning, while their place in a sentence, their intonation or spelling can also imply different meanings. While concentrating on the overall context for ‘safe spaces’, my focus was on the form and overall shape, but the techniques I used also have meaning.  Each piece has a different technique and therefore a different expression.   I learned that less can be more and the technique speaks a language with some techniques are more and some are less articulate.

The photos show the collection of rings using several different techniques. Tanel asked me to select the pieces that speak the most to me, to analyse and develop further.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak’ Hans Hofmann

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