Working largely with recycled materials,  I’m interested in how certain objects and materials attract me in whilst others I’ll toss aside. Am I the magnet or are they? Most artists are collectors of stuff but give a group of artists (the same) materials and see how what they make diverges.  I am aware of an internal struggle between my introvert and extrovert tendencies. There lies in me the desire to have my work seen, to speak for itself rather than making an exhibition of myself.

The magnitute of stuff I have on hand pulls me in different directions. Even the bits in boxes call out if I can’t seem to find that thing I’m sure I picked up. There is often competition for attention. I need to remove detritis to stop myself going off on tangents to give focus to what is working best. The varied materiality can lead me down various paths but sometimes the pull is strong. In the back of my mind there is the desire to give a sense of life to the discarded. This often results in the inanimate springing to life in other-worldly creations.



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