Blog 16  November 4th, 2017

Leanings, Pah Homestead (

  The install, Pah Homestead

Only one day to install and the opening in the evening.  There were a lot of nerves as we gathered at 8.00 in the morning, but everything went smoothly.  Thanks to Peter’s nail gun all the planks were very securely fixed to the gallery walls. The different works have enough space around them to work and the show looks interesting in its variety, both the colours of the planks and the works themselves.  However, although the stands I’ve made theoretically fit with the leanings title, I sense that they are not the best fit with the other interpretations.  In part participant’s designs were determined by the size and weight of the objects to be displayed – most are showing jewellery and they have been able to fix their pieces to simpler slanting planks.  Having larger, weighty objects meant that I needed horizontal shelf space, and I had tried to keep to the idea of leaning, with the supporting plank leaning against the wall.  Unfortunately the planks needed mitred edges and three days before the drive up to Auckland the company I had taken the plans to to have the shelves made up, called to say they couldn’t/didn’t want to do the work.  That meant a last minute re-design and then making them up myself.

Over-commitment bites.

  Confabulations at Pah Homestead







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