My work does not leave me; it travels alongside me in whatever else I am doing in my life.

Recently, while retreating on the Coromandal and working on a selection of ‘multiples’ for Coda, I was reminded of one of my notes, that my making process is not about replication, but allowing the things that inspire to give direction.

Employing associative elements that are subjective to me; structure, colour, form, surface, composition and equally contemplative of the ‘virtual only’ aspect of the images and writing surrounding the work I have been paired with, I have realized my Coda work is subsequently, memorializing a feeling or essence of my identity, location and an environmental history that has surround me at the time of my works formation.

Images: Manuka clearing, burnt wood, molten aluminium, metal components and glass remnants from my husband and I clearing up land that has a former history of an explosion and fire.



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