As of March, I decided to completely change my life from a thriving city rat, living right in the CBD of Auckland…. to dropping everything and leaving too embrace my more solidarity side about an hour away, right into the wild sacred native bushland of KareKare on the West Coast of New Zealand. Into a little hut, an eco-friendly and almost 100% sustainable hut. Ran only on a couple solar panels, propane, and a little pot belly wooden stove. There is no phone reception and definitely not internet in my hut. There has been some adjustment period. Accepting my new reality I never dreamed existed, only wished upon. Facing unnerving terrifying fear, living alone out in the wild where you realise you really are not alone. You are not fully in charge. You are at the universe’s mercy. I’ve been sensing, hearing, communicating, and seeing entities of this universe at such a rapid rate I can barely process any of it. My dreams and waking life .. I’m not sure which one is which anymore.

I am reminded that every challenge is actually a blessing and an opportunity to expand our boundaries and our way of being. I know I am strong. And through these trials I move forward through every moment with an open heart and an open mind. I am so excited for this future that is mine. And I weep every time I have to leave this special place that is now mine too. I long to be here more. And I am grateful. So very grateful for tiny small things and every single moment that I am so blessed to hold.


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