Blog 20 1st March

There is a tantalising thought that there is a day not so far off when I might have a day off to sleep in or just be lazy all day, but not yet – I’m thinking maybe June?  Before then there are extra long days to be put in to get everything sorted for the two big events – the Process Exhibition at Toi Poneke here in Wellington opening on March 8th and Park(ing) Day from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm on March 9th.

The Process display idea has come from Gabby O’Connor who is managing the install and us, as Peter and Hilda are off to Munich for the huge Schmuck event.  We will be using 20 painters drop sheets (with hand-drawn grids on them) to completely transform the L-shaped gallery space – a very adventurous concept and probably quite a lot of work to make it effective.  Luckily Toi Poneke allows 4 days for the install and with plenty of willing hands it should be terrific.

My work has changed a little and now is more directly referencing the Modernist Abstract Geometric painters – though my mentor introduced me to a contemporary German painter – Imi Knoebel whose painting is a joyful light-filled version of what was often very serious.

Imi Knoebel Anima Mundi

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