The processes of creating are different each time I tackle a project.  They can often start the same..materials being often a starting point.  With the Coda pieces, it makes life a bit easier? different at least to be able to have a conversation and dialogue with these 3 works, even though I am not able to touch or see them in person.

I started by pulling the pieces apart…looking at the main elements that drew my eye..circles, rectangles, texture, colour, tabs, materials…then it became: what the titles of the works were and what that suggested.  The size and scale of the pieces was more apparent, these are all big around 40cm each.

I decided to draw Mr Peters disc on my wall in the workshop and get an idea of the scale of his piece..

Actually huge!! and I am sure in person it is an imposing object.  It is 33 cm in circumference.  How will my work look beside this? Do I need to make a larger scale piece?  I had already begun assembling and gathering materials and had started to put together an object/pendant that I thought related to Peters piece.

Rough, natural, linear, abstract.  Disc of pounamu, hammered base of kokopu pounamu.  Solid, imposing, heavy.

This piece began to grow as I played with the elements and the way it was viewed.

Adding a carved design on the base and turning the base so it became a diamond shape. Will this remain an object or will it become a pendant?, shall I add a hole at the top?.  Tabs? colour?, other materials? …

Dedicated to….that is the title of Peters disc from 1988.  Who to? where to ?  dedicated..devoted to a task or purpose..dedicated: exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular purpose.  Does my piece reflect his title perhaps? What is the purpose? I am certainly dedicated to making this work, purposefully with materials that reflect who I am and where I am from.

Dedicated to…??

‘Layers of Pink’, the title of one of the other works, it is self evident the title and great to play with.  The pieces that make up the necklace are very fluid and tactile.  I really enjoy the holes and the smooth softened edges that have been created with the fingers.  Although these are made from ceramics they really feel like they are made from resin or putty.  The colours and textures all work well together.  Layers…pink..

When I started to work with these elements the colour of the stone drew me, with inclusions, dots, streaks, layers from the back to the front.  The back of the stone is raw, the holes at the top reflecting the softened holes from the neck piece.  The disc/circle of pounamu is movable, an element be itself? or a dual element?

Then came the pink disc and the texture.  Disgusting and ugly was my initial feeling, I let it sit and ponder awhile.  Pink..yes, layers..literally.  I want to use muka for the suspension cords, probably bigger than in the picture.  The tone and the palette is still natural and subdued.  Not sure about the pink and although my reaction is disgust, it may remain.

So I am creating 3 pieces for the Coda exhibition.  The next piece is called ‘neck schmuck’, neck jewellery I assume, i enjoy the elements on this necklace and began taking the textures and materials and shapes into my considering.

The rectangle block with colour and texture.  I have been using the disc as an element in all the pieces, I enjoy the consistency of this element.  Its cyclic, moon memories.  These elements are all mobile at this stage the discs are not glued onto the bases.

I then decided to add tabs and colour the tabs.  There is also a carved design at the top part of the base added. Tabs are a part of the neck piece as well as part of the disc object.  I am still not convinced about the tabs and the colour.

As I continue this process of mind mapping and developing the work I don’t want to overthink and add too much more to these pieces.

Where to stop..? processes..

Mahi mahi mahi






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