Mini-Mei checking out the Radiant Pavilion map

Mahuru a.k.a September was a very busy month for me indeed.I was honored enough to be funded by Creative New Zealand to be able to travel to Melbourne for Radiant Pavilion which is a bi-annual contemporary jewelry festival and attend the MakingOUT Symposium,

MakingOUT Symposium Melbourne

It was an amazing festival and program, which hosted a wide variety of exhibitions and artist talks throughout the city. The festival runs for about 2 weeks and with over 20 events as part of the festival, I was busy traveling to and from venues to soak up all the inspiration and culture.




Student Exhibition and floor talk


 I also took part exhibiting in group exhibition there called “Voveo” which was curated by Prof. Kevin Murray. Which you can read all about here –

Mia Strake with her Talisman Project as apart of Voveo

Although these things might not be directly related to my handshake mentorship I do believe that they feed into my practice and it was great to see new ideas based around contemporary jewelry which I could talk about with Jasmin.

The MakingOUT symposium was insightful and I wrote a full report for Creative New Zealand on each of the speakers and my thoughts and questions based on their practices and talks. If you are interested in reading this please feel free to email me at and I can send you a copy as it is very much my joy to be able to share these insights and experiences.

The festival also gave me the opportunity to network and talk to other artist, curators and tutors about our Handshake Mentorship and gauge some feedback and also following.This is all so important in supporting our international jewelry community and whilst there it did truly feel like a great big family where we could all “jewelry geek out” share and expand ideas and have a few drinks and laughs.

One thing that I got to witness and see was the equality march for equal marriage rights. This was a very current issue in Australia and I was interested to discover the “equality ring” that was brought up and discussed in one of the presentations at the symposium.

Protesters at the equality march.

Jewellery is an international language that can discuss political, social, economic and cultural issues or trends.

So I ask you….if given the opportunity, what is it that you would want to highlight or discuss a contemporary jewelry platform? Leave a comment as I would love to hear X


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