Near the end of March I facilitated another kids badge making workshop at WOMAD for Kidzone it was a blast. I was lucky to have the help of my big sis and some energetic volunteers. All up over the two days the participants made around 800 badges from recycled materials and found objects.

Love the buzz of this kind of Joyful making, especially great to see the adults and kids working together and feeling equally proud of their final creations It was neat to hear that many of the families still had badges made from previous workshops at home on display …Extra special to see Kelly Macdonald (Educator and Handshake 3 participant) and her son Gilbert over the weekend, Kelly had flown in from Munich Jewellery week to New Plymouth for WOMAD the day before like a boss! The trip sounded amazing

here are some images of a few personal favs from the weekend

As always I was blown away by the way kids work, with visionary ease and freedom… Ideas feeding into my own practice around materiality and the parameters I have created to work within starting some more response pieces of my own and will collate the images into a poster soon. Have another workshop coming up at Pukeariki in October for their Big Day Art, making badges as masks and hoping to make some photographic work to go with.



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