Sometimes its hard to know when I have exhausted the limits of a material.  Changing from one material to another can create a breathing space, open other doors and let more possibilities unfold.  Other times its a way of avoiding a technical challenge or not knowing how to progress further.

Regan encourages me to keep processing my materials beyond my first attempts.  I have a broad reaching eye and sometimes it is hard to reign myself in.  Thankfully deadlines provide structure.    When I felt stuck with my piano parts some of the pieces of scrap metal on my desk caught my eye.

With my piano part ideas shoved into the too hard basket (for now) I ventured out for more inspiration. I started visiting metal recyclers out in Petone.  This involves leaning over large bins and delving amidst scrap, bargaining for cooling systems out of fridges and finding wonder in the patina of copper boiler bases .    A tetanus shot latter, I’d learnt the hard way to take a pair of thick gloves and wear old clothes.  It was like digging for buried treasure.   Happy as Larry I was carting a boiler base away with my first pickings.  Sometimes I’d spend days looking for the right piece.  I  venture out on the scrounge with positive vibes channeled to the universe, and most often return with something useful.

My collection started to grow.  I began to cut up segments of  materials, and spent one happy day reassembling bits until I was lost in the moment and  it resembled some lost internal world.   Listening to isotronic music intensified my focus – this is a new discovery.   Playing with the parts I kept reassembling and making bits to accompany others.   It was like creating mini sets or dioramas.  Feeling like the mad professor,  I was having fun as pieces just started to fit together as if by magic.

Sometimes its good to move forward for forward sake even if it means letting go of an idea or putting it on ice. It was this fossicking that was to lead me toward making my  work Altered States in Handshake 4’s first show Leanings.



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