Introducing the HANDSHAKE model 2011-2019

The HANDSHAKE model has been piloted since 2011 and has proved to be a unique performance package for emerging NZ jewellery artists. This multifaceted project has given numerous opportunities for the HS artists to tap into a wider international market. It connects mentoring feedback and professional development with an extensive exhibition programme. The development package has two stages: the first stage is with a mentor followed up with a programme without a mentor. In the second stage, the mentor becomes more of a collaborator. This allows the HS artist to turn into an independent artist. Handshake 3 is such a second stage and the programme reflects its ‘independence’.

All of the work developments and outcomes are shared via this dedicated blog. All the blog posts from all projects, the two HS books and numerous exhibition catalogues/pamphlets form together a solid archival package that has been noted around the world.

Handshake 3 (2016-2017)
HS3 artist HS 3 collaborator Jewelcamp/Masterclass 2016 Exhibitions
1 Amelia Pascoe Ruudt Peters Selection team HS3: Andrea Daley, Sian van Dyk and Sofia Björkman

Sofia Björkman & Hilde de Decker

Objectspace, Auckland (collaboration)
2 Becky Bliss Fabrizio Tridenti Hilde de Decker (Masterclass) Platina, Stockholm
3 Sharon Fitness Lisa Walker topic: Collaboration Handwerksmesse, Munich 2017 & DCHS-collaboration
4 Neke Moa Karl Fritsch Dowse Art Museum, 2017
5 Sarah Read Liesbeth den Besten
6 Kathryn Yeats Ben Pearce
7 Debbie Adamson Nicola Shanley
8 Nadene Carr Fran Allison
9 Kelly McDonald Kristen Haydon
10 Sarah Walker-Holt Helen Britton
11 Raewyn Walsh Henriette Schuster
12 Renee Bevan Harrell Fletcher

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