I cant even beginning to express how important meditation is to my practice. And especially my life. There are so many ways to meditate. Sitting and closing your eyes is only one. One of my favourite ways to meditate is through movement. Almost all my life I have been practicing some form of moving meditation. Starting with competitive swimming from the age of 8.. swimming up and down, lapping the pool for hours on end, twice a day. Now days I enjoy yoga, dancing, and Chigong, to quiet my mind and feel a smooth flow of energy throughout my body. Meditations should be done daily for health in my opinion. As human beings we can sometimes get extremely wrapped up in our emotions and consumed by this 3D level of the world we experience. We forget that there is so so much more! With my jewellery making practice I have found I thrive and enjoy repetition. To extreme measures! I want to be able to enjoy my jewellery making process and I have spent a lot of time figuring out how to do this. I want to love my making and I want to love my work. I am sure I am not alone here when I say I have hated my work and hated making jewellery. It can be such a mind gruelling struggle! I spent the first several months of the year like this. Having many doubts. Not even wanting to make jewellery anymore. Fighting my intuition and my flow. Struggling as we all do at one point of another. We have all been there right? The need to find what feels right, balancing it, and to make it work for you. Using our own intuition is so important. Finally I started to settle in my new environment and overcoming a lot of life struggles. And so for the last few months I have been making my latest body of work…to the point it was hard to stop, as I really feel I could love doing this particular repetitive moving mediation forever! And for the first time I really really really love my work! And I have loved making it! And trust me when I say, I am my harshest critique. Sitting down on the ground, using my hands and mind with intention, with materials that really speak to me and that are so healing. Healing for myself and the Earth. Making something that to me is important and gives my life a sense of purpose. And at the end of every day I actually want to go home and MAKE! I am so proud of myself and this piece of work. I am excited to share it with the world at the end of the month! Wow! Less than a month away til our first Handshake 4 exhibition at Pah Homestead. Display prep, Skype meetings and marketing are in full swing here… see you soon world and friends.


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