Blog 19 February 15th

Pile of MDF dust

Is it better to claim to be multi-tasking than to admit out loud that I’ve (again) taken on too much?  I did think that the move to working with the MDF would be a quick and easy project but it has not turned out that way at all.  Cutting, filing, sanding and painting the geometric pieces destined to be layered into brooches is a nightmare – uneven, slanting, nicked, curved edges – I feel like I will never get the crisp square edges of my dreams.  My mentor laughs at my despair and cries crocodile tears.

Oh well lots of other things to be getting on with.  I’ve mentioned Occupation: Artist before and we are deep in preparation for being part of All that Glitters…, the opening day of the exciting contemporary jewellery show at the Dowse and then we’re doing Park(ing) Day again.  I’m also hosting a wonderful visiting guest from America – Lauren Kalman.  She is here to install some of her beautiful work in the Dowse show.  She is visiting Auckland and Dunedin to do Masterclasses which is brilliant as she will get to see a good bit of New Zealand and meet heaps of makers. When the Toi Poneke HandShake show opens she will be back in Wellington and has agreed to talk to us about our work. I’m also working on my Stanley Street (another HandShake initiative) project. Then comes a bit of juggling fitting in making a necklace for an Avid Gallery necklace show that opens the day before the Dowse project.  On the back burner are two more Tipple necklaces and a couple of the pierced silver-plate brooches.

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